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Travelling The Komodo Islands

Updated: Feb 24

Travelling the Komodo Islands was such a fascinating experience! From slow boating around dozens of islands, to climbing mountains, to hearing the rumbling noises of the dragons echoing through the island. This first leg of our 3 week Wild At Heart adventure photography trip was definitely blog worthy! We got a little sunburnt, laughed till it hurt and had our eyes and hearts opened to so many new faces and beautiful, vibrant culture. We swam with Manta Rays and snorkelled with the brightest colours of luminous fish. The Komodo Dragons I would have to say was by far my favourite. As you walk through the trail you are greeted by the sun-bathing monsters, and as they silently pretend to sleep you try to sneak up to them to get that awesome picture. Just as you're about to capture that picture they quickly stand up and start walking towards you. Your heart starts racing and as you walk backwards, one eye still looking through the lens, hoping you don't trip over a rock and become lunch for one of the hungry dinosaurs. Luckily after our long trek through the island everyone got back safely and we were able to capture some actual noteworthy pictures! Next stop was the Manta Rays with their huge mouths floating towards you as you are being carried by the current deeper and deeper into the ocean. For anyone who knows me, you would know I am a water creature. I love swimming in the ocean and nothing scares me when it comes to the big blue, but Jared (my husband) on the other hand is terrified of all the 'big scary' creatures swimming in the darkness of the ocean. Fortunately I was able to convince him to jump in... with a lifejacket of course ;) to see these graceful giants. If you are ever travelling to Flores, Indonesia make sure you check out a tour that takes you to the Komodo Islands and lets you snorkel with the beautiful Manta Rays. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Travelling The Komodo Islands

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